I’ll write a proper bio later, but for now this is something to establish context for future posts.

I’m Jovanni, I’m a software engineer. I like solving problems, and helping people make neat things. I’ve worked on GPS tracking suites and assorted web development, but I mostly do full stack development for games. Within that I focus most on client gameplay, architecture, and tooling.

I started out doing school, personal, and contract work in Java and Flash, when ActionScript 2.0 was cool, and then later when ActionScript 3.0 was new JIT darling (and Javascript was still interpreted and slow).

Then I worked at 5th Planet Games for 2 years doing full stack development. Started as an intern, then full time as a lead. Flash client, Java socket severs, MySQL, PHP, web frontend.

After I went as far as I could go there, I went back to University and finished by BS in Computer Science at Cal Poly Pomona.

Sometime during that period, Adobe murdered their excellent and thriving developer community overnight with an idiotic licensing maneuver (which I’ll have to write about later). I stopped or migrated development of my remaining Flash projects a while after that.

These days I mostly work in Unity at MunkyFun. Unity’s clunky at times, but it does the job well, and the tooling is fantastic. The licencing terms are good too—for now. The docs aren’t anywhere near the same class the Flash and AS3 refs were in, and leave a lot to be desired (which gives me an opening). Overall though, the cross platform development story is better than anything else I’ve worked with, the community is pretty good, and I enjoy working with it.

I’m dabbling in web projects in Go, node, and C#

More to come.