First Post

Finally got around to switching this site to something a little more workable than unmanaged static pages. I finally have a blog!

I went with Ghost because I wanted something simple and Markdown based. Markdown for the same reasons everyone else uses it these days: HTML is ugly, WYSIWYGs lie, and it's what everyone else is using. It's simple, it's light, and because everyone uses it I can change my mind later it'll be less agonizing to switch. Spent an evening to tweak themes, highlight.js, and Disqus for comments; and we're good to go. My portfolio was already originally composed in Markdown anticipating this, and was drop-in easy as hoped and expected.

I also tried some static page generators like Jekyll, and liked them. Decided against them because I'd be giving up the ability to effectively write and edit things with my phone on the crowded bus to work without juggling a file explorer or command line, text editor, and git client (which I do all the time, but would rather not do on my phone). Ghost's admin interface works decently on a smartphone as is. I can more effectively use of those hour long commutes this way.

Enough of that nonsense for now. I didn't make this blog to just talk about setting up blogs. More words to come.

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